Copy writing for web audiences, search engines and print

There are lots of words out there - on billboards, on the tube, in the press, on the web, on flyers, in brochures, everywhere. Not all of these words convey their message as well as they could. In many cases too many words are used - like someone who talks a lot but has little to say.

With so many different media vying for attention and the reader being increasingly time-poor, it's essential that any business gets its message across quickly, clearly and concisely.

Torpedo Juice's resident wordsmith has years of experience as an editor, and sub-editor and creating search engine optimized copy under her belt. All client copy is written in the editorial tone, with the aim of informing and - hopefully - entertaining the reader. We believe that however dry the subject matter, there's no reason for the reader to be bored.

Copy is written with the end reader in mind and tailored according to the medium. As well as writing for print, we also write for websites and email marketing campaigns following best practices to achieve natural search engine optimization.

Our copy writing services include:

  • Search engine/keyword optimised copy
  • Press release writing for online and offline media
  • Brochure, advert and marketing copy writing
  • Feature writing
  • Magazines and newsletter editing
  • Sub-editing services

So what next?

To discuss any copywriting for both online or traditional media, please email or phone on 0845 520 5250.